Leather in its natural state is soft and supple. Before the hide endures the finishing process it is considered “raw”. In other words, it has not been dyed or treated for spills, stains or other safe guard matter. Once your leather has been treated it is ready for active household use. Treated leather allows for day-to-day use, as well as prevention of spills, stains, and mishaps by one’s family and friends.

Even the finest quality leather has markings analogous to fingerprints. It is, after all, a natural product and like anything natural, leather is not always perfect. Its markings should be considered nature’s signature, and are our guarantee that the product is genuine. Leather often contains surface blemishes referred to natural scars. These scars are a part of the beauty of natural leather. Scarring is indicative of a natural skin, which in turn represents authentic leather.






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Subcategory: Bedroom set
Location: Al Doha
QAR 1000
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